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The agenda is complete!   

Download the Agenda

Final Version

This document  will be available in printed form at the symposium

Abstract Compendium

Final Version

This document includes abstracts and is available only in electronic form on this site.

Council Meeting Aganda

Draft Agenda

This document includes a draft agenda for the NWT PPISC meeting (13 April 2018)

(c) GNWT / Decker

Forest insect pests and pathogens in the NWT: current status and trends. Olesinski NWT

(c) GNWT/Carriere

Assessing the risk of Marine non-native species in the Bering Sea. Droghini Reimer et al. U. of Alaska, USGS, NOAA, ABSILCC

(c) GNWT/Odlham

What are all these weird bugs: A summary of changing species interactions in the ISR. Turner, IGC Inuvik

(c) D Lepitzki 2013

Alberta’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program Rushcall Alberta Environment and Parks

(c) GWNT

Co-managing beavers in the Mackenzie Delta: A collaborative effort to control a very effective ecosystem engineer. Thompson et al. WMAC FJMC Inuvik

(c) GNWT/S Carriere

The new Canada Wildlife Health Strategy Stephen Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative

(C) GNWT/B Elkin

Risk assessments to identify and mitigate risks with animal and pathogen movements. CCH

(c) R Forsyth D reticulatum

Arising pest problems in northern agriculture Seefeldt Washington State University

(c) GNWT/J Wilson

Searching for a winter fungus in summer habitat: monitoring for the arrival of white-nose syndrome Reimer et al. University of Alaska

(c) GWNT

What can we really do about emerging amphibian diseases? Forzàn, Cornell University, New York

(c) GNWT/Decker

Invasion and range expansion of protostrongylid nematodes in muskoxen and caribou in the changing Arctic. Kafle et al. Calgary

(c) GWNT/Oldham

Yukon Interdepartmental Working Group: issues facing invasive species management in Yukon. Bennett Gov. of Yukon

(c) J Chamber

NWT Pathway Analysis and How Lucky We Have Been. Carriere GNWT, ENR

(c) GNWT/Oldham

Lessons learned in invasive plant management in rural, remote regions of northern British Columbia -– the good, the bad and the ugly. Leverkus Shifting Mosaics Consulting BC

(c) GNWT/ Oldham

Changing Behaviour and taking action on invasive species Sherman Canadian Council on Invasive Species

(c) Schock

Changing Behaviour - Going beyond awareness Wallin Invasive Species Council of BC

(c) Schock

Making a difference through partnerships Wallin Invasive Species Council of BC

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